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Waging Peace the latest documentary by multi-award winning Australian film maker, David Bradbury, is a window into the passions and politics of the modern Australian peace movement.

Shot during the action-packed 2014 Canberra Peace Convergence at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Waging Peace tracks a convoy of activists who set out to break the world record for the most protest actions on a single day.

Waging Peace tackles Australia's Frontier Wars, the series of massacres of Aboriginal men, women and children by white settlers in the first 100 years of white settlement. The film also addresses the ongoing denial of history by many in government, the rise of the Australian Peace Movement and their anti-ANZAC day parade.

Featuring Senator Scott Ludlum, US Iraq War veteran Vince Emanuele and Bundjalung activist Vincent Duroux, the film concludes with the powerful, historically significant Frontier Wars March on Anzac Day.

The film documents some of the events and speeches of the 2014 Canberra Peace Convergence including the 2014 Anzac Peace Vigil and the 2014 Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars Anzac Day March, as well as a smoking ceremony at the Tent Embassy, which is the longest running protest in Australia.

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2015 - Australia
Frontline Films

Frontier Wars is a 17 minute cut-down of Waging Peace, focusing on ANZAC Day and the efforts of the Australian peace movement.

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