Vote Yes for Aborigines


Vote Yes for Aborigines is a documentary about the 1967 Referendum and the fight for Aboriginal citizenship rights.

Frances says of her film: "I couldn't really make a film without mentioning that it's been a long, hard haul and it's going to continue."

Vote Yes for Aborigines marks the 40th anniversary of the referendum, celebrating its historical significance and contemporary relevance. The book covers the 100-year-plus lead-up to the referendum, revisits those involved with the 1967 Referendum and the social attitudes and influences that led to the event.

The film questions the success of the referendum and features former Prime Ministers, politicians, historians and campaigners.

More than just marking a time in history, Vote Yes for Aborigines interrogates the success of the Referendum and addresses current debates about what is meant by Australian citizenship and values and how they relate, if at all, to Aboriginal history, identity and culture.

"Such a good resource for teaching kids (and adults!) about the incredible struggle which is still very relevant and ongoing today for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people of Australia." —Primary school teacher

Vote Yes for Aborigines gives you the Aboriginal perspective on the 1967 Referendum.


Release dates
2007 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
G - general
Ronin Films

Writer and director Indigenous Yorta Yorta woman Frances Peters-Little is the daughter of entertainer and singer Jimmy Little.

Learn more about the events that lead to the 1967 Referendum. [link tbd.]

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