Eelemarni: The Story of Leo and Leva


Leo and Leva is a documentary made at the request of the contemporary custodian of their story's site - singer and storyteller Millie Boyd - who wanted to clarify tribal boundaries in far northern NSW.

Speaking in 3 different dialects (Githrabaul, Knarkbaul and Wearravaul) and singing songs passed on from generation to generation, singer and storyteller Millie Boyd tells fo the love between Leo, A handsome warrior, and Leva, a beautiful maiden from another tribe. The story is illustrated in re-enactments.

The simplicity of the story is enjoyable, and as the audience we are privileged to hear it. All the threads aren’t tied up in this short film; rather it is presented as if it was a yarn being heard while around the fire or at the feet of an elder.

This is a dramatised documentary based on an Aboriginal tribal legend from northern NSW.


Millie Boyd - Storyteller
Rosalyn Boyd
Elizabeth Davis
Stewart Davis
Arron Williams
Dean Williams
Wesley Williams
Co-winner of the Erwin Radio Award for best film at the Melbourne Film Festival in 1988.

Told in both Bundjalung language and in English.

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