Fitzroy Stars: More Than a Game


The Fitzroy Stars was one of the first all-Indigenous football clubs in the early 70's and folding in the early 90's.

After 14 years, ex-player Troy Austin is on a mission to resurrect the Fitzroy Stars football club, and as we follow his journey to recruit players and supporters. We meet some of the ex-players and discover and what being a 'star' meant to them then, and now.

Many players went on to become leaders of the community, ATSIC Commissioners and developed welfare and cultural organisations in Melbourne and across the State. Football was more than football when you were a Fitzroy Star. It was more than a game.


Release dates
September 2008 - Australia

John is a Kuku/Erub Aboriginal man from the Torres Strait, far North Queensland.

John Harding is an experienced playwright, director and actor.

John is a founding member of Ilbijerri Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Theatre Company and created its first play Up the Road in 1991.

In 1996 John Harding wrote the first Aboriginal sit-com The Masters for SBS TV.

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