Namatjira is a recording of a ground-breaking stage show about Aboriginal painter Albert Namatjira, performed live under the stars at Ntaria (Hermannsburg), Northern Territory. Spectacularly, it took place under the ghost gums next to the old mission church, in the very place that Namatjira grew up.

Albert Namatjira brought the Australian desert landscape to the world for the first time with his unique watercolour style. At the height of his fame, his paintings sold out within minutes. He painted for the Queen, and was the first Australian Aboriginal to be made a legal citizen of his own country. He supported over 600 members of his community, lost two of his ten children to malnutrition, was forbidden to own land, made an example of, imprisoned for something he didn’t do – and died a broken man.

The play was developed as a celebration of the life and legacy of the artist Albert Namatjira, in collaboration with members of his family. The play toured Australia from 2010 – 2012, and was performed in London in 2013.

This production was filmed before an audience of 600 people from remote communities near and far – audience to their own culture and language on a nationally travelled stage of the highest calibre.



Video/DVD release date
11 April 2017
PG - Parental guidance
Ronin Films
Genevieve Lacey

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