Yajilarra is a film about a group of Aboriginal women from Fitzroy Crossing in remote northern Western Australia. They are determined to save the town from the scourge of alcohol abuse, domestic violence and foetal alcohol syndrome.

The women in Yajilarra decide that enough is enough. Their community has experienced 13 suicides in 13 months. Reports of family violence and child abuse are commonplace and alcohol consumption is rising at an alarming rate.

Acknowledging that something has to be done urgently, and that things have to change, the Aboriginal women from across Fitzroy Valley came together. With the support of many men, they stand up for a future—for everyone in their community.

The results are inspiring and have set the community on a path of healing.


Release dates
4 March 2009 - World premiere, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, New York, USA
2009 - Australia

Yajilarra was co-produced by Melanie Hogan and Jane Latimer.

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