Gurrumul is a documentary in celebration of iconic Australian artist Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.

Blind from birth, Dr Gurrumul Yunupingu found his identity through song and the haunting voice that has already become legend.

With his 2008 self-titled album, Yolngu man Gurrumul found a mass audience for his soaring music, which is steeped in the rich music and language of Elcho Island, Arnhem Land. The album introduced Australia to the songlines and culture of his Elcho Island community.

But Gurrumul found himself increasingly torn between city and country, present and past, self and the community to which he owed so much.

Gurrumul is a beautiful celebration of his life and career, filmed over many years and completed just prior to Gurrumul’s passing. It is a profound exploration of the life and music of this most revered of Australian artists.

It shows a man who connected people in profound ways and who shouldered vast responsibilities of Australian cultures, and points to an extraordinary legacy.

Co-produced by Gurrumul himself, the film uses the tools of his music – chord, melody, song – and the sounds of the land to craft an audio-first cinematic experience of beauty and power, offering a rare insight into a reclusive master who spoke in his own inimitable language.

Dr Yunupingu passed away in July 2017, shortly after approving the film, following a long battle with illness.

Stirring and soulful ode to Australia's most important voice.

— The Guardian



Release dates
19 February 2018 – International premiere, 2018 Berlin Film Festival
12–25 February 2018 – Perth Festival
25 April, 2018 – National release in Australia
Video/DVD release date
5 September 2018
PG - Parental guidance

English / Yolngu Matha (Gumatj and Gälpu) with English subtitles.

Documentary with Gurrumul, Michael Hohnen, Mark Grose.

This film was previously titled 'The Documentary of Dr G Yunupingu's Life' following Aboriginal tradition of not mentioning the name of someone who had passed.

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