Ngumpin Kartiya


Ngumpin Kartiya tells untold stories of the Wave Hill walk-off and the Gurindji people while also revealing the true significance of the iconic song From Little Things Big Things Grow.

The documentary looks at a proud and sometimes difficult past, and also celebrates a bright and better future. The film has won numerous awards and has been shown on NITV.

The Gurindji story, immortalised in the Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody classic From Little Things Big Things Grow, is known by many Australians – but often only vaguely.

This film sheds light on the pivotal historical events that led to First Nations land rights and forever changed Australia and the plight of First Nations peoples to reclaim their land. And it does so by revisiting the Gurindji community all these years later to hear from the descendants of Vincent Lingiari and those who took a brave stand against power and privilege some 54 years ago.

Ngumpin Kartiya – Untold Stories of the Gurindji and the Wave Hill Walk-off is a film produced by the Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation, Freedom Day Festival and These Wild Eyes.

The biggest thing [I] wanted to push was the need for this story to be continued to be told around the world.

— Ben McFadyen, director


Release dates
23 August 2020
PG - Parental guidance
Josh Cashman

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