Babakiueria ("Barbecue Area")


The film Babakiueria shows how Aboriginal peoples are represented in society through taking a sarcastic look at racial stereotypes.

It starts with a boat approaching a barbeque area and a group of Aboriginal people taking possession of this area and all "Babakiuerians". It continues to present many Aboriginal issues with the roles swapped: White people are a minority, white kids are taken from their families or white people being moved to a void place because the black government needs their home for "something".

Aboriginal people who have watched this film state that it was a good film as it did represent the truth about how they are politically represented, but it could have been better if it was written by an Aboriginal instead of a white person, as they would have presented the film using Aboriginal culture instead of using the whites' controlling methods of a society.

Babakiueria is one production I feel really proud about.

— Aboriginal actor Mitch Torres

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Thanks to Karen Jennings and Philip McKeon who pointed me to this movie.


Michele "Mitch" Torres - Presenter
Bob Maza - Minister for White Affairs
Kevin Smith - Police Superintendent
Release dates
1986 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
1995, 2006
United Nations Media Peace Prize
PG - Parental guidance
Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Moorabbin College of TAFE
Chris Alderton

Written by Geoffrey Atherden and J. Pringle.

Babakiueria is used by police to educate young police officers.

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