Dark Place


Dark Place is an Australian Aboriginal horror anthology. Five terrifically twisted tales by five Aboriginal filmmakers.

Australian genre cinema takes an exciting leap forward with Dark Place, a quintet of tales that approach post-colonial Aboriginal history through the lenses of horror and fantasy:

  • Killer Native (Bjorn Stewart): A bitingly wicked take on first contact between British settlers and Aboriginal people – and small pox infected zombies.
  • Foe (Liam Phillip): Strange occurrences cause a chronic insomniac to question whether sleep might actually be a portal to something terrifying deep inside her.
  • Vale Light (Rob Braslin): In the public housing commission estate of Pendle Vale, a single mum and her daughter do it tough, until one day a witch decides to change their fortune.
  • The Shore (Perun Bonser): A young girl living an isolated life in the woods with her father, discovers that growing up alone isn’t just for her protection – it’s for ours.
  • Scout (Kodie Bedford): Female oppression and revenge take centre stage. Kidnapped and subjected to degrading abuse, Scout has finally had enough. Scout wants out.


Foe: Leonie Whyman, Josh Quong Tart
Vale Light: Tasia Zalar, Sara Pensalfini, Jolie Everett
Killer Native: Clarence Ryan, Charlie Garber, Lily Sullivan, Natasha Waganeen
Scout: Katie Beckett, Shakira Clanton, Tamala Shelton, Nelson Baker, Nicholas Hope, Hugh Sheridan
The Shore: Luka May Glynn-Cole, Bernard Curry
Release dates
15 June 2019 – World premiere at the Sydney Film Festival
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied

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