Kadaicha (Stones of Death)


Tracy Hocking is a schoolgirl at the country town of Kangaloola. In a nightmare she sees herself confronted in a cave by an Aboriginal dancer who gives her a painted crystal. When she awakens she finds the same crystal on her pillow. Her teacher, Mrs. Millhouse, identifies it as a Kadaicha stone given to person who is condemned to die.

Tracy is taken by a wild dog that night in the park. Fellow students Franky Boland also has a bad dream and awakens to find a crystal, and Gail Sorensen learns that the street where she lives is built on a sacred Aboriginal burial ground and her father had been in charge of the development.

Franky succumbs to the bite of a funnel web spider in the library, and student Fizz has the same bad dream as Tracy and finds a crystal on her pillow.

Gail is visited by an old Aboriginal man, Billinudgel, who warns her of a curse. Mrs. Millhouse explains how a tribe of Aboriginal people were murdered by a white hunting party as revenge for tribesmen who had attacked the white settlement after young blacks were killed by a gang of bushrangers.

When the students go swimming, Fizz is pulled under the water of the lake and her body is later found on the shore.

When Gail has the same dream and finds a crystal on her pillow, she thinks she is to be the next victim of the curse. She seeks the help of Billinudgel, who gives her a spirit stone to ward off the demon doing the killings. The demon takes control of the body of Gail's boyfriend, Matt, and tries to kill her.

Billinudgel performs a ritual in the cave that the students have found behind the development's storm water drain, which frees Matt and seems to destroy the demon. Gail's father, Alex, agrees to relocate the residents of the street.

But when workers seal up the cave wall, a black snake appears suggesting the demon may not have been stopped after all.



Zoe Carides - Gail Sorensen
Tom Jennings - Matt Taylor
Eric Oldfield - Alex Sorensen
Kerry McKay - Shane
Fiona Gauntlett - Fizz Dryden
Natalie McCurry - Tracy Hocking
Bruce Hughes - Tony Pirrello
Steve Dodd - Billinudgel
Deborah Kennedy - Mrs. Millhouse
Sean Scully - Mr. Fitzgerald
John Paramor - Det. Rose
Sara Dakin - Deb Hartley
Harry Cripps - Jeff Cross
Terry Markwell - Gloria
Nicholas Flanagan - Const. Todd
Release dates
15 May 1988 - France
21 November 1988 - USA
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied
Peter Westheimer

Kadaicha was shot in Sydney.

Stones of Death is the US title.

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