Set in Perth’s notorious KGB (after the suburbs of Koondoola, Girrawheen, Balga), the series follows two rookie Aboriginal detectives, tough guy Jack and gentle giant Nigel, as they deal with the chaos of their new jobs, no-nonsense boss, work rivals, drug dealers and culprits who consistently turn out to be family members.

Despite battling their own insecurities at every turn, and the fact that Jack bullied Nigel in high school, these two might just turn out to be KGB’s finest detectives.


KGB episode guide

Episode 1

Aboriginal KGB cops Jack and Nigel are promoted to junior detectives. Unsatisfied with the case they’ve been given, Jack hatches a plan to find out their rivals’ leads on a major meth lab explosion case and ropes Nigel into helping him.

Episode 2

Jack and Nigel tail their rivals David and William, with a plan to nab the meth lab saboteur first. This backfires when Jack realises the main suspect is his young weed-grower cousin Roland, whom Jack is then forced to arrest.

Episode 3

Determined to clear Roland’s name, Jack and Nigel case the KGB in hope of finding the real perpetrator. Fortunately, they stumble upon a key piece of evidence proving Roland’s innocence. Nigel encounters a trio of misbehaving KGB kids.

Episode 4

After losing the key evidence in a mugging, Nigel is forced to fight a 12-year-old to get it back. Jack steals cocaine from the evidence room to enhance Nigel’s non-existent fighting abilities – a move that ends in disaster.

Episode 5

Jack and Nigel are suspended after their boss finds out that Nigel hit a child. Nigel manages to get the evidence back; he and Jack present it to the KGB Police in a last-ditch effort to free Roland and win their jobs back. (Final)

Season 1 is available on YouTube.


Clarence Ryan
Bjorn Stewart
Genevieve Morris
Mark Coles Smith
Aaron McGrath
Jesse Phillips
Lynette Narkle
Amy Smith
Ningali Lawford
Release dates
2019 - Premiere on ABC iView
M - Mature

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