Shadow of the Boomerang


Shadow of the Boomerang is the story of an American brother and sister, Bob and Kathy Prince, who move to Australia to manage a cattle station owned by their father. Bob has a racist attitude and always has a negative word to add. Kathy on the other hand is a sincere and loveable character providing a reasonable balance.

But after hearing a message by evangelist Billy Graham on the radio, Bob has a change of heart and learns to accept the Aboriginal people.

Shadow of the Boomerang incorporates the Christian message into cinema. Seeing a person turn and make an active decision to follow Jesus doesn't happen in many films. Many have explored the issues of spirituality, religion and God, yet Shadow of the Boomerang makes it clear that Jesus is the focus, not an ambiguous 'spiritual meaning'.

I oughtta pound that black face of yours to a pulp. Then you can keep it outta places where it don't belong. That's what I said, where it don't belong. Get it? Oh, you Abo's are just itching to be like the rest of us.

— 'Bob' in Shadow of the Boomerang


Georgia Lee - Kathy Prince
Dick Jones - Bob Prince
<a href="/resources/music/jimmy-little">Jimmy Little</a> - Johnny
Marcia Hathaway - Penny Hastings
Ken Fraser - Stockman
Keith Buckley - Stockman
Vaughan Tracey - Dr. Cornell
Hugh Sanders - R. J. Prince
Maurice Manson - Warren
Orville Sherman - Slim
Billy Graham - himself
Release dates
9 October 1960 (World premiere, New York)
15 October 1960 (Los Angeles)
October 1959 (Cinesound Studios, Sydney, Australia)
17 August 1961 (Australia; other source)
Ralph Carmichael, Hal Saunders, Ken Taylor

Shadow Of The Boomerang was filmed in Sydney, NSW.

Jimmy Little made his acting debut in this feature. He's also a well-known singer with his own foundation.

Shadow of the Boomerang was made by World Wide Pictures, part of the Billy Graham organisation. The film has been described as a 'Christian Western' designed to highlight the work of the Billy Graham crusade.

The film became Marcia Hathaway's first and only movie because she was killed by a shark on January 29, 1963 in Sydney.

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