The Life of Harry Dare


In this lighthearted Australian comedy-thriller, an Aboriginal man becomes a detective after his beloved VW Kombi van is stolen.

Harry Dare, after a troubled youth during which his father mysteriously disappeared, is seen as a young married man watching as the wrecked old van is hauled from Adelaide Harbor. He acquires it and becomes so obsessed with restoring it that his wife leaves him.

When it is finally finished, he drives it to work where it is promptly stolen. So begins his quest to find it. Harry is assisted by Jim, his estranged son. Together they end up getting entangled with a drug ring and with the people who were with Harry’s father the night he so mysteriously disappeared.


John Moore
Nicholas Hope
Aaron Wilton
Tom Lewis
Ulli Birve
Don Barker
Bob Agius
Tony Briggs
Carole Fraser
Bob Francis
Justin Braine
Bobbi Jean Henry
Release dates
probably first shown on the Melbourne International Film Festival June 8 to June 25, 1995
M - Mature
David Hirschfelder

Aleski Vellis is one of the Greek-Australian film-makers.

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