The Min-Min


When an ancient Aboriginal burial ground is desecrated, a vengeful spirit from the Dreaming is released, causing supernatural mayhem.

Min-min lights (named after an Aboriginal term) are mysterious lights in Australia’s Outback which appear suddenly, may chase you if you're in a car, approach rapidly to within a few metres, often switch position dramatically, and have no discernible origin.

A scientific explanation offered says that the min-min is a mirage that occurs when a layer of warm air lies above a layer of colder air near ground level. The cold layer traps lights by refraction and may channel it over long distances.

During day-time people easily estimate distance using their binocular vision and reference points like mountains, trees, etc. At night such estimation is difficult and therefore, if a light is seen, people rely more on brightness cues. A light that's getting brighter may then be interpreted as getting closer or even as chasing the observer.


Release dates
1990 - Australia
Paul Holland

The Min-Min is also known as Min-Min Revenge.

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