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Virtual Whadjuk uses the power of virtual reality technology to immerse you into the time of Yagan; an Aboriginal Noongar warrior who lived between 1795 and 1833 and resisted colonial settlement in the area surrounding what is now the city of Perth.

This documentary explores the pre-contact relationships of Noongar people to land, ecology, identity and cultural and traditional activities, before examining the dramatic changes and events set off by the moment of first contact.

Virtual Whadjuk uses the latest in virtual reality technology to send you back in time and space. Old maps and historical knowledge from local Elders and biologists has informed the accurate creation of the virtual world. Perth city has been superimposed as wireframes onto the ancient landscape to help place the user and to show the immensity of changes that have occurred.

Overseen by the respected Whadjuk Noongar Elder Barry McGuire, and in consultation with the Vivienne ‘Binyarn’ Hansen, a Balladong Whadjuk Yorga woman with extensive knowledge of traditional medicine, the project embraces the traditional and contemporary values of local community, and uses new storytelling technologies to help share and maintain Aboriginal language, knowledge and culture.

The interactive activities undertaken inside the experience, actively serve to teach new audiences elements of Whadjuk Noongar culture and language, and to emotionally connect them to Aboriginal culture in new ways.


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