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Toomelah Aboriginal Mission (near Boggabilla on the NSW/QLD border; Gamilaroi nation), NSW, Australia
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Roger Knox earned the nickname Black Elvis or Koori King of Country with his soulful music. He is the father of Aboriginal musician Buddy Knox. He is a descendent of the Gomeroi people.

Roger Knox was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2018 National Indigenous Music Awards.

I believe that music is a form of drawing people together and Aboriginal people have always operated by spirit. Once you sing, you feel so good afterwards.

— Roger Knox

Song is as important as language, it is a part of our culture and well-being, it is another form of healing for Aboriginal people.

— Roger Knox


Album formats explained

Album formats

  • 10": 10 inch vinyl records were played at 45 or 33 1/3 rounds per minute (rpm). The former could hold 9, the latter 12 minutes of music per side.
  • 7": 7 inch records (often referred to as 45s) were played at 45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm, with about 4:30 or 6 minutes of music per side.
  • LP: Long play, is a vinyl record played at ​33 1⁄3 rpm with a 12 or 10-inch diameter.
  • EP: Extended play, are vinyl records that allowed two or even three songs on each side.

Give It A Go

Roger Knox - Give It A Go
  1. Blackman's Stories
  2. If You Love Me
  3. Streets of Tamworth
  4. Help Me
  5. Black Tracker
  6. Koorie Rose
  7. Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
  8. Australia Down Under
  9. Walk Away, Let's Forget, It's Too Late
  10. Searching For The Morning Sun
  11. Our Reserves
  12. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The Gospel Album

Roger Knox - The Gospel Album
  1. Mansion Over The Hilltop
  2. What God Has Done
  3. I'm Still Your Child
  4. Sweet By And By
  5. Where Could I Go But To The Lord
  6. I'm Gonna Sing; Take Up Thy Cross (AKA - I Walked One Day)
  7. Put Your Hand In The Hand
  8. He Touched Me
  9. Sacred Memories
  10. One Set Of Footprints
  11. Seeing Is Believing
  12. Help Me (only on re-release)
  13. Bridge Over Troubled Water (only on re-release)

The Gospel Album was re-released in November 2006.

Goulburn Jail (7″)

Sorry, no image for: Roger Knox - Goulburn Jail (7″)
  1. Goulburn Jail
  2. Malabar Mansion

Koala Bear (7″)

Sorry, no image for: Roger Knox - Koala Bear (7″)
  1. Koala Bear
  2. Hey Sheriff

Warrior in Chains – The Best of Roger Knox

  1. He touched me
  2. Put your hand in the hand
  3. Wild one
  4. My baby left me
  5. I want to be free
  6. Arnhem
  7. Koala bear
  8. Warrior in chains
  9. Streets of Tamworth
  10. Goulburn gaol
  11. Naybeline
  12. Blackman's stories
  13. I'll break out again
  14. Koori rose

This album was re-released in November 2014 on iTunes.

Goin' on, still strong

Roger Knox - Goin' on, still strong
May 2004
  1. Mother's Eyes
  2. I Am
  3. First Born
  4. There You Go
  5. Murri Man
  6. King Bunderwall
  7. Streets Of Tamworth
  8. Black Tracks
  9. Murri's Plea
  10. Malabar Mansions
  11. Friendship Road
  12. Koori Rose
  13. Life And Culture
  14. Brighter Day

Stranger In My Land

12 February 2013
  1. The Land Where The Crow Flies Backwards
  2. Stranger in My Country
  3. Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
  4. Took the Children Away (cover of Archie Roach's song)
  5. Arafura Pearl
  6. Brisbane Blacks
  7. Wayward Dreams
  8. Scobie’s Dream
  9. Ticket To Nowhere
  10. Warrior In Chains
  11. Streets Of Tamworth
  12. Home In The Valley

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