Shunned – The Hidden History of the Original Australians



Shunned challenges the out-of-Africa theory of human evolution and posits that Homo sapiens sapiens evolved independently in Australia.

It considers the perception of the Original Australians as primitive and challenges this with an examination of the actual technological achievements of the race. It looks at archaeological, historical, linguistic and DNA evidence that Original Australians were capable of oceangoing voyages and had commerce with distant lands from North Africa to Latin America.

The authors have also gathered a great deal of testimony from Original Elders who they consider a source of authority superior to that of Western academics. Among the achievements of the First Australians were astronomy, brain surgery and the invention of many technological innovations such as the bull roarer and the bow and arrow.

In addition to this, part of the heritage of the Original Australians is the oldest ongoing spiritual tradition in history. The authors contention is that the rich spiritual source that is the Dreaming is the inspiration for much of the true religiosity encountered around the world.

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