Black As – We're Back (Series 2)


Black As - We're Backfollows Series 1.

The Black As boys help Bobby get his tractor from a distant outstation. But he has a wheel off it, so they’ll need to roll that there as well. The Black As boys are challenged at every turn by tides, breakdowns and ever present crocs in their latest Arnhem Land adventure.


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Episode guide

Episode 1: Go get my tractor back!

Bobby asks the Black As boys to get his tractor from a distant outstation. He has a wheel off it, so they'll need to get that there as well. After a hostile reaction from Oppy they lend a tiny dinghy to tow the wheel by sea.

Episode 2: Making a raft out of junk

The boys manage to get the wheel to the barge ramp and construct a raft out of junk to float the wheel behind the inflatable dinghy. They take to the ocean with the tiny engine straining under the load.

Episode 3: Fishing accident sinks dinghy

Out at sea Chico accidentally spears the inflatable dinghy and it sinks. The boys pile onto the raft, head for the shore and make camp. With no phone, no water and no food the boys face a real challenge.

Episode 4: Scavenging for food in mangroves

Stranded without food or water the boys push the tractor wheel towards the outstation...and tractor. Miraculously they find a spring and eventually reach the outstation.

Episode 5: Charging a car battery with a bike

The boys locate the tractor, but it's trashed. They manage to get the wheel on but the battery is flat. A charging rig is made from an old pushbike which Joe and Dino crank into the night. Jerome and Chico eat turtle eggs.

Episode 6: Fixing up dead and abandoned tractor

With a charged battery and some brutal bush mechanics the tractor sparks up and is loaded with handy items and an old broken postie motorbike. The boys pile on and take off only to be halted by a massive brown river.

Episode 7: Make-shift shade in the outback

Out on the massive clay pan the boys are feeling the heat. They decide to make a shade roof out of palm leaves and a sled to tow behind. With their new roof and makeshift sled they head off once again.

Episode 8: Stopped by muddy river

Chico and Dino ride behind the tractor but court disaster when it's torn to bits in a gully. Once again crowded onto the tractor, they are stopped by a croc-infested billabong. Joe sparks up the postie to test the depth.

Episode 9: Crossing croc-infested river in a tractor

The boys are forced inland then reach the head of the river. They find a spot to cross, but its deep and full of crocs. They nearly tip over but make it through and are nearing home only to be confronted by their nemesis.

Episode 10: The boys return home to a mad Oppy

Nearly home and the tractor runs out of fuel. After trying to tow it with the postie bike the boys pile onto the bike to look for help. Some women tow them into town but Bobby isn't impressed when they finally arrive home.


Dino Wanybarrnga
Chico Wanybarrnga
Jerome Lilipyana
Joseph Smith
Release dates
2018 - Australia
Rebel Films

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