Black As Rebooted (Series 3)


Black As Rebootedfollows Series 1 and Series 2.

The Black As boys are back! They need to get to a large town a few hundred kilometres away to enter a fishing competition. The stakes are high: $3,000 for the biggest barramundi, $2,000 for the biggest mackarel and $1,000 for the biggest Crayfish.

The boys have an old van and can borrow a dinghy and trailer, but the shortcut to the comp is a rough track and one can only pray they get there in one piece.

If the dinghy doesn't make it, they have heard that Oppy has a big boat just sitting there ready for the "borrowing". Either way Joe knows of a perfect little island to the north where they are bound to get a big enough catch to take out all three categories.

Just hope Oppy doesn't get wind of it...

Black As goes deep into the heart of remote Australia, with a healthy respect for ancient ways, modern ingenuity and what it is to be a young fella in the bush today.


Watch episodes at the official Youtube Channel.

Episode guide

Episode 1: The boys need $5,000 now!

The Black As boys need $5,000 to payback cousin Oppy for ruining his boat. How are they going to get the money to return home and get back in Oppy's good books?

Episode 2: The boys "borrow" a boat

The boys need to win the fishing competition prize money, but they need a boat first...

Episode 3: Fishing for the $5,000 prize

The boys go fishing in hopes of that prize money. But will their catch be enough and will they make it back to land safely?

Episode 4: Camping on not-so deserted island

The Black As boys have caught a fish they reckon will win the fishing comp but decide to camp the night on a deserted island. They think they are alone but soon discover they have company.

No further episodes are known. The production of Series 3 went independent, and its crowd-funding campaign closed on 31st Jul 2019 after reaching 72% of its target of $60,000.

Black As Series 3 feature movie


Dino Wanybarrnga
Chico Wanybarrnga
Jerome Lilipyana
Joseph Smith
Release dates
4 November 2020 - ABC iView
Rebel Films

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