Black Comedy (Season 1)


A new sketch comedy show by Blackfellas.... For everyone. Irreverent, provocative and just a little bit wrong ... the six-part, sketch comedy series Black Comedy promises to 'go blackly where no other Blackfella has gone before'. Black Comedy is written entirely by Blackfellas and showcases a talented line-up of Aboriginal comedic performers.

This groundbreaking series combines a mix of observational and physical sketches, historical sketches and parodies of TV, film and commercials. Black Comedy is a fast-paced and entertaining look at Australian culture through the comedic prism of our first people and no area is off limits.

Some of the lively characters appearing throughout the series include; the Tiddas - two of the most competitive, over the top gay Blackfellas you'll ever meet; Mavis Kelly, the mean-mouthed cleaning woman; Lillian, who can find a racial slur in every conversation; the Housewives of Narromine - Marcia and the acid-tongued Ginny; superhero Deadly Dave who can fix the unfixable and the most traditional, 'traditional man' of all time.

Over the six episodes we follow the stories of the 'Blakforce' - an elite police unit responsible for policing what is and isn't black in the community; Jerome, the Aboriginal boy with no sporting ability; Tiffany the white woman with an Aboriginal boyfriend, whose attempts to identify with her partner get wildly out of hand; the charismatic yet insane leader of the ALF - Aboriginal Liberation Front, Marcy who's determined to liberate Aboriginal people from their middle class lives and Tatiana who uses her 'culture' to get what she wants.

So for fresh laughs that just might even get you thinking - don't miss Black Comedy.

See also Season 2, Season 3, Season 4.

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Episode 1

Meet some of the lively characters including the Tiddas - two of the most competitive, over the top gay Blackfellas; Mavis the mean-mouthed cleaning woman; the Housewives of Narromine and Deadly Dave who can fix anything.

Episode 2

Discover the world's first GPS with an Aboriginal voice setting, find out what Noah would really have been like had he been a Blackfella, and we meet the Bad Receptionist. Meanwhile Lillian, the Cos I'm Black woman, bumps into a young man on the street who foolishly says 'sorry'.

We go behind closed doors to meet two couples trying to give back by sponsoring their own 'Aboriginals' and discover the real value of playing the race card, especially when it's the Race Card Platinum. We also check in on Mavis Kelly, the Adlays talk about a fight that may or may not have happened, the Tiddas have a shop-off, and once again we go bravely where no black has gone before with the crew of the Starship Hentaprise as they face the horrors of a big black hole in the retro-Aboriginal sci-fi classic Starblaks.

Meanwhile former 60 Minutes reporter Jeff McMullen presents a special report on the tragedy of Jerome, an Aboriginal child born with no sporting ability whatsoever.

Episode 3

Meet Magic Murri, a black magician who wishes for nothing more than to be allowed to pull a rabbit out of a hat; hear a story from Aunty We'ama, the nation's most inappropriate Aboriginal children's TV host; and the Tiddas try and out-eat each other. We also unlock the vaults to dust off the one remaining print of the forgotten seventies 'blaxploitation' classic Blackest of the Black.

Blackest was Australia's answer to Shaft, the blackest, sexiest and most fashionable cop to ever take down a bad guy with a boomerang. We catch-up with the housewives of Narromine as Ginny relates the story of her daughter-in-law winning the lottery, Mavis Kelly takes issue with a woman's jumper and Lillian, the Cos I'm Black woman takes great offence when a hairdresser refuses to sell her a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

We meet John, and his new white girlfriend Tiffany (Brooke Satchwell). At first John is thrilled that Tiffany is keen to learn about his Aboriginal culture, but before long it becomes apparent she's taking it too far. Things spiral out of control as Tiffany loses herself in her new Aboriginal identity.

Episode 4

Aboriginal superhero Deadly Dave once again fixes the unfixable and we learn about one woman's fight to be able to identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander on the online dating site OKCupid.

A classic advertisement from the eighties is unearthed - this time from the long defunct adult chat line Girls Gone Native, where they promise that it's 'always wet season', we visit the Housewives of Narromine, and get a dubious singing lesson from the Tiddas.

Meanwhile a spotlight is turned on the ALF - the Aboriginal Liberation Front - a radical paramilitary group comprised of white middle class kids, led by the charismatic, yet insane, Marcy. Their aim - to free their Aboriginal brothers and sisters from the shackles of white middle class oppression and repatriate them back into the bush - whether they like it or not. The only thing standing between the ALF and an unsuspecting Aboriginal population is Kevin, a mild mannered schoolteacher.

Episode 5

There's Starblaks, the Adlays, and we meet Tatiana, the Cultural Excuse Girl a woman who will use 'culture' to get whatever she wants - be it in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Episode 6

Through the miracle of television we travel back in time to be a fly on the wall of The Great Outdoors offices circa 1996 to watch a young Ernie Dingo in action with his not particularly sensitive co-workers. The traditional man has his day in court and the Tiddas teach us about acting ... and love, but not necessarily in a good way.

We pull up a seat at the Last Supper to see what Jesus and his disciples were eating (apparently the crispy duck was very popular) and find out what caused Jesus and Judas to have their big falling out. Meanwhile Lillian the Cos I'm Black woman loses her temper while trying to help a blind man.

We shine a light on one of the great love stories of the ages, the love of a Blackfella for his favourite poker machine. It's a story of passion, of redemption, of infidelity and ultimately one of heartbreak.


Steven Oliver
Aaron Fa'aoso
Jon Bell
Nakkiah Lui
Elizabeth Wymarra
Bjorn Stewart

Matt Day
Jeff McMullen
Deborah Mailman
Sacha Horler
Brooke Satchwell
Brendan Cowell
Anita Hegh
Release dates
2014 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
4 March 2015
M - Mature
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

TV screening dates (ABC):

Episode 1: 5 November 2014
Episode 2: 12 November 2014
Episode 3: 19 November 2014
Episode 4: 26 November 2014
Episode 5: 3 December 2014
Episode 6: 10 December 2014


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