Thalu is a live-action series that focuses on a group of Aboriginal children who undertake a journey to save their country from the threat of a mysterious dust cloud and its inhabitants, the Takers.

The friends must make their way to the ‘Thalu’ — a place of great power — in order to stop the cloud before it destroys everything in its path. Along the way, they encounter friends and foe alike, as they search for eight sacred stones and a special key that will unlock the power of the ‘Thalu’ and stop the Takers in their tracks.

Thalu takes Roebourne community stories and weaves Ngarluma culture with the classic heroes’ journey shot in and around Roebourne. The show mixes traditional and modern Aboriginal storytelling and is an ode to the Pilbara and its people.


Episode guide

Episode 1: Escape And Man Up The Tree

With a mysterious cloud spreading and making people sick, two groups of kids join forces to save the world. The kids encounter a strange man who's been chased up a tree by a tiny horse.

Episode 2: The Principal & Random!

The kids find themselves trapped in a strange school with an ancient principal. They then encounter legendary outlaw stockman, Random Dan and his sidekick, Big Joey.

Episode 3: Shadow Boxer & The Nhuka

The kids find themselves at a pass blocked by the Shadow Boxer and have to find another way around. The kids make camp for the night near a spooky hill and discover their food is missing.

Episode 4: The Aunty Who Talked Too Much And The Others

The kids meet an old Aunty who just can't stop talking. While Hudson and Em pick bush lollies, their friends are captured by some bigger kids, the Others.

Episode 5: Brothers & The Thalu

The kids enter an old town, deserted except for two brothers who haven't spoken for years. Finally, with all eight stones the kids arrive at the Thalu to take on the Takers.


Logan Adams - Noodles
Cherry-Rose Hubert - Em
Jakeile Coffin - Keile
Sharliya Mowarin - Kali
Ella Togo - Samara
Wade Walker - Hudson
Penny Wally - Vinka

Elaine Crombie - Bits and Bobs
Trevor Ryan - Jack In A Box
Gabriel Willie - Man Up A Tree
Tootsie Daniel, Allery Sandy, Jean Churnside, Judith Coppin, Pansy Hicks, Pansy Sambo, Violet Samson - The Nannas
Trisha Morton-Thomas - The Principal
Aaron McGrath - Random Dan
Wendyl Alex - Big Joey
Ashton Munda - Traditional Man
Trevor Jamieson - The Shadow Boxer
Derik Lynch - The Trainer
Maverick Eaton, Sidney Eaton, Fabian Togo, Tiras Walker - Boxers
Hunter Page-Lochard - The Trapper
Dave Johnson - The Nhuka
Della Rae Morrison - Aunty
Tameeka Rassip-Andrews - Other Gang Girl
Zack Levi - Other Gang Boy
Leon Burchill, Billy McPherson - The Brothers
Release dates
20 April 2020 – Premiere on NITV, Australia
G - general

For each child in the cast, this marks their television debut. All come from Roebourne and their characters were created with input from each young cast member in order to reflect their personality.

Filmed on location in the Pilbara, Western Australia. The cast all come from Roebourne.

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