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  1. Northern Territory's Chief Minister, Clare Martin, writes a letter to prime minister John Howard proposing a "holistic, intensive intervention to communities in crisis" but receives "no meaningful response".

    Watch the second part of a speech she gave at the 19th Maurice Blackburn Oration on 5 December 2012, where she recollects the events (note especially at 5:10 where she talks about the reason for the intervention):

  2. Stolen wages

    The House of Senate in the Australian federal parliament passes a motion, introduced by Democrats Senator, Andrew Bartlett, to conduct an inquiry into stolen wages. The submission deadline of 28 July is extended to the 28 of September. The enquiry receives 129 submissions.

  3. In response to the Lateline program the Chief Minister of the NT announces the government will establish an inquiry into child sexual abuse in NT Aboriginal communities.

  4. Land & land rights

    A federal court ruling grants one of the nation’s largest native title claims to Perth and its surrounds (three times the size of Tasmania) to the Noongar Aboriginal people. The West Australian government instantly appeals the ruling.

  5. The first Stolen Generations compensation scheme in Australia is set up in Tasmania by the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal Children Act 2006 (Tas).

  6. Natural History Museum, Britain agrees to return the remains of 18 Tasmanian Aboriginal people, but only after it conducted scientific tests on them .

  7. Arts

    Jessica Mauboy comes second in the finale of the 4th season of Australian Idol, starting her singing career.

  8. Stolen wages

    As a result of the enquiry a Senate committee releases the 'Unfinished Business: Indigenous stolen wages' report which received "compelling evidence that governments systematically withheld and mismanaged Indigenous wages and entitlements over decades". It also found that these practices "were still in place in the 1980s".


  1. This year, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare removed 7,892 children from their families. In 1997, it removed 2,785 children .

  2. Marion Scrymgour becomes the first Aboriginal person to lead a state or territory government when she becomes Deputy Chief Minister of the Northern Territory.

  3. The Western Australian government announces an investigation into the nature and extent of the 'Stolen Wages' issue. A taskforce was required to report to cabinet by mid-2008.

  4. National History Museum, England. Remains returned after a 20-year battle with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

  5. Glasgow Museum, Scotland. Return of skulls of Torres Strait Islanders to their ancestors on Mer Island.

  6. Pat Anderson and Rex Wild release the Little Children are Sacred report which reports ‘widespread sex abuse’ of children throughout communities of the Northern Territory. The report makes 97 recommendations.

  7. Little Children Are Sacred report is presented to the NT Parliament.

  8. Prime Minister John Howard and Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough announce the Northern Territory intervention. Staged as a response to the ‘Little Children are Sacred’ report, the intervention is widely criticised because it also legislates to remove the permit system for access to Aboriginal land, abolish the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP), quarantine 50% of welfare payments, compulsorily acquire Aboriginal land and subject Aboriginal children to mandatory health checks.
    While the intervention receives bipartisan political support, many opponents label it an ‘invasion’ and promise a ‘Little Children are Scared’ report (a wordplay on the Report’s title).

  9. The Howard government introduces the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), quickly dubbed the "intervention".

  10. Politics

    The Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act comes into effect, aiming to strengthen governance and management of Aboriginal corporations with consistent practices and standards.

  11. National Indigenous TV launches during NAIDOC Week on Black Friday, marking the beginning of a new era for Aboriginal television.

  12. Arts

    National Indigenous Television (NITV), Australia’s first national 24-hour Aboriginal television service, starts.


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