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  1. The Australian National University returns the bones of Mungo Man, 40 years after their discovery.

  2. Kenneth Dickson, an Elder of the Dunghutti community in NSW, accepts in Hampshire, UK, the remains of a man believed to be aged between 21 and middle age, who was removed originally from Delicate Nobby, near Kempsey, and later donated to the Hampshire County Council Museums Service.[1]

  3. Politics

    Australia appears before the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 2nd Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review.


  1. From 26–27 May the first forums with the Victorian government discuss treaty with more than 400 participants.

  2. Aboriginal languages become a new HSC subject, seven years after the NSW Aboriginal Languages Policy was introduced.

  3. Several Aboriginal politicians are elected:

    • Malarndirri McCarthy (Australian Labor Party) is elected to the Senate for the Northern Territory.
    • Patrick Dodson (Australian Labor Party) is selected to represent WA in the Senate.

    Aboriginal politicians elected to the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly:

    • Lawrence Costa (Territory Labor), representing the seat of Arafura.
    • Yingiya Mark Guyula (Independent), representing the seat of Nhulunbuy.
    • Chansey Paeche (Territory Labor), representing the seat of Namatjira.
    • Selena Uibo (Territory Labor), representing the seat of Arnhem.
    • Ngaree Ah Kit (Territory Labor), representing the seat of Karama.

    John Ah Kit and his daughter Ngaree Ah Kit are now the first Aboriginal father and daughter to serve in any state parliament, having both been elected to the Northern Territory Parliament.

  4. Apple Store and Google Play remove the online game Survival Island 3- Australia Story 3D which told players to “beware of Aborigines” and had them bludgeon Aboriginal people to death to progress through the game. An online petition, started by Aboriginal woman Georgia Mantle, gathered 84,672 signatures in just 5 days.

  5. Treaty

    A meeting of 500 Aboriginal leaders in Victoria rejects constitutional recognition and passes a motion demanding that the state “resources a treaty process, including a framework for treaties, with complete collaboration with all Sovereign Peoples and Nations”. [2]

  6. Treaty

    The Victorian government commits to begin talks to work out Australia's first treaty with Aboriginal people.[3] The treaty aims for

    • Recognition of past injustices
    • Recognition of all 39 First Nations and their clans authority
    • Recognition of and respect for country, traditions and customs
    • A futures fund to implement and establish the treaty
    • Establishment of a democratic treaty commission
    • Land rights and land acquisition legislation and funding
    • Fresh water and sea water rights
  7. Treaty
    Campaign poster of Yingiya Mark Guyulu advocating a treaty.
    Yingiya Mark Guyulu's campaign poster as an independent candidate for the 2016 NT Legislative Assembly election.

    The Yolgnu Nations Assembly selects Yingiya Mark Guyulu as an independent candidate to run for the 26 August NT Legislative Assembly elections. He strongly advocated a treaty with the government.

  8. Sport

    Inaugural Indigenous Football Week, to highlight the achievements of Aboriginal soccer players past and present, as well as the next generation of talent. The week is also a major fundraising initiative for John Moriarty Football, a not-for-profit organisation that works to improve education and life outcomes for young Aboriginal footballers and their families in remote Australia.

  9. The Kenbi land claim, Australia’s longest running land claim, settles after 37 years. The land claim stretches across the Cox Peninsula on the western side of Darwin Harbour and includes 65,000 hectares to be used by the Larrakia and the Belyuen people. The claim overcame 2 extensive hearings, 3 Federal Court reviews and 2 High Court appeals.

  10. Treaty

    During the election campaign, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces that he believes a formal treaty would undermine the campaign towards constitutional recognition. Meanwhile opposition leader Bill Shorten says he is 'up for the conversation on a treaty'.

  11. Protest

    Aboriginal leaders come together to announce the Redfern Statement, an urgent call for a more just approach to Aboriginal Affairs and government action. Read the statement

  12. Members of the NSW Parliament offer apologies for past government policies after the state government tabled a report which makes 35 recommendations for reparations. Among these is a financial reparation scheme, similar to those in place in Tasmania and South Australia.

    We are sorry, we are very, very sorry for the past. — Jan Barham, Greens MLC and committee chair [4]

  13. Treaty

    The Victorian government commences the Treaty Interim Working Group to "provide advice on the process and timing for treaty, guidance on community engagement and examining options for a permanent Victorian Aboriginal representative body". [5] It has 5 Aboriginal representatives and 6 people appointed by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

  14. Politics

    A record number of 13 Aboriginal candidates run for the federal election: Linda Burney (electorate: Barton, NSW), Ken Canning (Sydney, NSW), Pat Dodson, Jacqui Lambie (TAS), Sharlene Leroy-Dyer (Senate, NSW), Kerryanne Liddle (Senate, SA), Joanna Lindgren, Carol Martin, Malarndirri McCarthy (NT), Kado Muir, Tammy Solonec (Swan, WA), Shea Taylor (Senate, QLD), Ken Wyatt (Hasluck, WA).

  15. Politics

    Linda Burney becomes the first female Aboriginal MP in Australia’s history after claiming the Federal seat of Barton. She is the first female Aboriginal MP in the House of Representatives.

  16. Prison

    ABC’s Four Corners broadcasts Australia’s Shame, a documentary on abuse of children in NT detention centres, sparking shock nationally and internationally. Within a day the Prime Minister forms the Royal Commission into the Child Protection and Youth Detention Systems of the Northern Territory.

  17. Arts

    A new law in Victoria allows Koorie people to protect and control the use of their culture and heritage by nominating for protection particular elements, e.g. traditional songs, stories, dance and art with significant spiritual and cultural connection to knowledge.


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