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  1. Contrary to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which states that all Aboriginal people have the right to self-determination, the government under the NT intervention dictates how Aboriginal people have to run aspects of their lives. 

  2. Politics

    Australia supports the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). The Howard government had rejected the declaration fearing a separate customary law.

  3. The Australian government allocates the largest amount of funding for a single year in the history of federal budgets to Indigenous affairs: A$4.8 billion. The biggest single item with A$106 million is for the Canberra bureaucracy to manage the income of Aboriginal people under the Northern Territory intervention.

  4. Federal and Northern Territory governments respond to the NTER Review Board recommendations.

  5. The Federal government announces a proposal to compulsorily acquire Alice Springs town camps.

  6. Seattle Art Museum, USA is the first US institution that independently initiates a repatriation. It promises to return 'a sacred Aboriginal object' to its traditional land in central Australia and to consult with central Australian elders and representatives .

  7. The University College, London, UK, hands over the skulls of three individuals from Victoria's Gunditjmara community and another from the Dja Dja Wurrung nation . It is the first repatriation to Victoria.

  8. From June to August the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) runs consultations and workshops with Aboriginal people in the NT about future directions of the NTER.

  9. Two years since the Northern Territory intervention began. Protests against the NTER held around Australia.

  10. After months of pressure Tangentyere Council reluctantly agrees to hand over Aboriginal community land to the Australian government for 40 years, in return for A$100m to upgrade housing and services in town camps in Alice Springs.

  11. With regards to the NT intervention, the Australian Productivity Commission report reiterates two key points: the need for reliable statistics measuring the effects of government measures, and the importance of community ownership of projects and close consultation between community and government.

    The things that work generally work because of co-operative approaches between government and communities.

    — Australian Productivity Commissioner
  12. When their community’s sewerage system fails and raw sewage floods the street many members of the Ampilatwatja people walk off to camp in the desert during the Australian winter. They also protest against the NT intervention, ensuring they are no longer subject to the NTER legislation. In August they seek refugee status from the UN as people displaced from their country. ⇒ Aboriginal houses

  13. The Australian government refuses compensation despite the UN being 'concerned about a lack of adequate access to justice' for Indigenous people and recommending the government compensating victims of the Stolen Generations. The UN responded to a formal complaint submitted by the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement in March.

  14. Self-determination

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma outlines the proposed model for a new national Indigenous representative body to fill the void since the demise of ATSIC in 2004. The model enables representation by Indigenous land councils, peak bodies and other Indigenous organisations, as well as a place for leaders operating at all levels. It has a 50/50 gender rule for representatives and an overseeing role of an ethics committee.

  15. The UN Rapporteur releases his statement on the NT intervention.

  16. The Australian government and the Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands) agree to repatriate the remains of five Bundjalung people (Northern Rivers region of NSW) which were acquired by the Dutch in 1882.

  17. Stolen Generations

    NSW Governor Marie Bashir launches the Kinchela Boy's Home Aboriginal Corporation Strategic Plan to help Aboriginal men who passed through Kinchela with counselling, reunions targeted at group healing, and programs for their families.

  18. The Australian government misses the self-imposed deadline to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities.

    It is a simple matter to restore the [Racial Discrimination Act]. Where the [Indigenous Affairs] Minister [Jenny Macklin] appears to be stuck is in trying to find a way to reconcile her desire to over-ride the fundamental human rights of Aboriginal Australians in the NT through compulsory welfare quarantining and mandatory leases with our international obligations not to discriminate on the basis of race.

    — Rachel Siewert, Greens senator
  19. Politics

    The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says sorry to the Forgotten Australians which include migrants and Indigenous people who were victims of abuse in orphanages and institutions between 1930 and 1970. The Forgotten Australians suffered abuse similar to that suffered by members of the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal peoples.

  20. Politics

    Marianne Mackay and Glenn Moore found the Aboriginal Political Party, where every candidate identifies as Aboriginal.


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