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  1. Arts

    The government pays more than $20m to obtain the copyright to the Aboriginal flag and terminate commercial licenses owned by companies which had limited the reproduction of the symbol. Now all Australians can freely display and use the flag.

    The agreement also includes a payment to the designer of the flag, Harold Thomas, to secure the copyright, the establishment of an annual scholarship in Thomas’s name for First Nations students, and the commonwealth donating royalties from sales of the Aboriginal flag to the NAIDOC Committee.

  2. Sport

    Tennis champion Ash Barty wins the Australian Open. It is her third grand slam title (she won the French Open in 2019 and Wimbledon in 2021) and her first home grand slam. Ash is the first Australian to win the Australian Open women's singles title in 44 years (last won by Chris O’Neil in 1978). Her Wimbledon victory was the first by an Australian woman since Evonne Goolagong Cawley won in 1980, while her 2019 French Open win was the first since Margaret Court's win in 1973.

  3. Arts Stamps
    A headshot of Warwick Thornton with film reels in the background.
    Warwick is one of only a handful of Australian directors to win a Caméra d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He earned the award for his 2009 film Samson & Delilah.

    Australia Post's issue of Australian Legends of Filmmaking includes one stamp featuring Kaytetye man Warwick Thornton from Alice Springs. His many films include shorts, documentaries and features and highlight First Nations topics, perspectives and experiences. Thornton is best known for feature films Samson & Delilah (2009) and Sweet Country (2017).

  4. Sport

    Ash Barty announces her immediate retirement from tennis at the age of 25 as the reigning Wimbledon champion and two months after winning her third major grand slam at the Australian Open.

    I’m so grateful to everything that tennis has given me. It’s given me all of my dreams possible, but I know that the time is right now for me to step away and chase other dreams.

    — Ash Barty, explaining her retirement from tennis
  5. Sport

    Swans forward Lance “Buddy” Franklin scores the 1,000th goal of his career at the Sydney Cricket Ground, becoming the sixth player in VFL/AFL history to achieve that many goals, and the first since Gary Ablett in 1996.

  6. Sport Arts Stamps
    A photo of Lance just about to kick a goal.
    The stamp was issued as a pack of 12 in a booklet that listed Franklin's achievements.

    Australia Post joins the celebration of Lance Franklin's 1,000 goals with a special stamp.

  7. Treaty

    The Yoorrook Justice Commission officially launches its truth-telling process in Victoria with commissioners scheduled to travel the state to hear the concerns of First Nations Elders, with the broader Victorian community invited in the second half of 2022.

  8. A First Nations-led ad campaign seeks to elevate the Voice to Parliament (a demand of the Uluru Statement From the Heart) as a key issue for the May 21 federal election. It calls for a referendum, arguing that support of the Australian public would be more powerful than legislation. It it believed this is the first time the First Nations community has taken matters into their own hands in such a way during an election campaign.

    Ad transcript


    “There comes a time for everything and everyone. For our constitution and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, that time is now.

    "Only 55 years after they were first counted in the census, but tens of thousands of years since they first worked on this land. The time has come for the Australian people to decide if we do or do not wish to formally recognise Indigenous Australians as Australia’s first people. And acknowledge that any recognition is only made meaningful with a voice.

    "We could ask the government to legislate it, but we would rather the Australian people vote for it. Just think how much more powerful it would be if the recognition hoped for by Indigenous Australians was achieved with the support of all Australians.

    "The time for a referendum has come.”

  9. Arts Stamps

    In its Aboriginal Fibre Art issue, Australia Post features contemporary fibre art by Yolŋu women of the small inland community of Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella) in north-east Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Made from plant fibres such as pandanus and coloured with natural bush dyes, these objects also have profound cultural, ceremonial and symbolic significance. The stamps show a coiled basket (Lucy Malirrimurruwuy Wanapuyngu, b. 1955), a twined conical container (Mary Djupuduwuy Guyula, 1945–2005) and a coiled, flat-bottomed basket (Nancy Walinyinawuy Guyula, 1940–2017).

    A set of three stamps showing a woven baby basket, a tall cone-shaped basket and a basket with a handle.
    Three stamps show woven baskets and containers, called bathi. Artists skilfully twine, coil or loop plant fibres that they coloured with natural bush dyes.
  10. Arts

    At the 2022 Australian Performing Rights Association awards, 18-year-old Charlton Howard (The Kid Laroi) becomes the youngest ever winner of APRA's Song of the Year award with his hit Stay. He also won Songwriter of the Year and Most-performed Hip Hop/Rap Work for Without You.

  11. Politics

    After the federal election, Anthony Albanese (Labor Party) becomes Australia's 31st prime minister. He nominates Linda Burney as Indigenous affairs minister, the first Aboriginal woman to hold this position. More than 40 First Nations candidates stood for election (at least 25 House of Representatives, 16 Senate). The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia received 0.83% of all votes.

    There are now 10 First Nations members of Parliament: Linda Burney (Indigenous Australians Minister), Marion Scrymgour (Labor Member for Lingiari), Gordon Reid (Labor Member for Robertson), Lidia Thorpe (Greens Senator for Victoria and spokeswoman for Indigenous Affairs), Dorinda Cox (Greens Senator for Western Australia), Malarndirri McArthy (Labor Senator for Northern Territory), Jacinta Nampijinpa Price (Country Liberal Senator for Northern Territory), Jana Stewart (Labor Senator for Victoria), Pat Dodson (Labor Senator for Western Australia), Jacqui Lambie (Jacqui Lambie Network Senator for Tasmania).

    On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, I commit to the Uluru Statement.

    — Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese
  12. Arts Stamps

    A set of three stamps highlights First Nations peoples' Bush Seasonings. Plants made up about half of a traditional diet, and many native species also played an important roles as medicines, fibre and construction materials, and in ceremonies. The stamps feature Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata), River Mint (Mentha australis) and Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora).

    Stamps showing the herbs as plants and after processing.
    Note the different containers for the collected herbs: Wooden bowl, woven bowl and grinding stone.
  13. Treaty

    The Victorian government passes the Treaty Authority and Other Treaty Elements Bill 2022 to establish an independent body responsible for overseeing a treaty or treaties between the government and Victoria’s First Peoples. The bill gives the treaty authority the legal powers necessary to facilitate negotiations and resolve any disputes between the government and First Nations peoples. The treaty authority will be led by First Nations peoples, independent from government, and grounded in traditional culture, lore, and law.

  14. Stamps
    A portrait of a smiling elderly man
    Yorta Yorta man Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls.

    Australia Post honours Yorta Yorta man Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls' 50th anniversary of becoming the first First Nations Australian to be knighted (in 1972). Doug was a footballer, pastor, Aboriginal rights campaigner, community leader and state governor. Skilled in advocacy and negotiation, Doug was committed to addressing issues of social justice for
    Aboriginal people for which he received an MBE (1957) and OBE (1968).

  15. Recognition

    The NSW government decides to permanently replace the NSW flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Aboriginal flag, abandoning a plan to install a third flag pole at a cost of $25m. The change is effective immediately.


  1. Present day Australian climate establishes.

  2. Aboriginal people at Wyrie Swamp near Millicent, 340 kms south-east of Adelaide, South Australia, use returning boomerangs to hunt waterfowl.


  1. Analysis of pollen and charcoal giving a date of 120,000 BP suggests that people were using fire to clear land in the Lake George basin in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, about 30 kms north-east of Canberra. Experts also found signs of human disturbance in rainforest pollen patterns in a drill core from the edge of the continental shelf, 80 kilometres east of Cairns.

    Similarly, research presented to the Royal Society of Victoria in 2019 by a group of academics found that blackened stones at Moyjil (Point Ritchie, Victoria), were between 100,000 and 130,000 years old. While cautious, the authors concluded that human habitation was the most likely explanation for "marine shells, stones in unexplained depositional context and fire resemblance to hearth". 


  1. Archaeologists in 2020 found ancient banana farms on Mabuyag Island, once managed by Torres Strait Islanders, dating back 2,145 years. They unearthed banana microfossils, stone tools, charcoal and a series of retaining walls. The findings strengthen the theory that the Islanders engaged in complex and diverse cultivation and horticultural practices.


  1. Land bridges between mainland Australia and Tasmania are flooded. Tasmanian Aboriginal people become isolated for the next 12,000 - 13,000 years.


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